Avishek Das

The Vintage ABSTRACT

10 November, 2015 | Fine Art The Photo Series is made from the Abstract patterns taken from the Vintage Car Rally show in Kolkata. The Statesman Vintage & Classic Car Rally is an annual vintage car rally in New Delhi and Kolkata and the oldest, continuously-run such event in India and the sub-continent. It started in the year 1964 in New Delhi, and was brought to Kolkata in the year 1968 as The Statesman Vintage Car Rally.

Every year during Winter time Statesman organise this Rally at Fort William ground & open to common visitors where old models of vintage car being displayed by their owners. For most car enthusiasts, it’s a great show to observe the beauty of these old cars. Some of the vehicles were over 100 years old and require months of trials and service runs before they become suitable to be exhibited. Many participants in the rally had bought classic cars in recent years, from resale and auctions. Maintenance of this cars are getting difficult now a days as their spare parts are rarely available in Market still the owners feel proud to show them in this public event to maintain their Traditional Heritage.
While from common view of the vintage cars the series represent the beauty of abstract patterns from the Glorious Cars. Different colour using textures, minimalism, shape, pattern made the Abstract representation quite eye catchy.