Avishek Das

Cultural Vibrance of Shivaratri Festival

10 February, 2018 | People & Documentry Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honour of Lord Shiva , specially a night which marks the  celebration of marriage of Lord Shiva . This festival celebrated by the Hindus all over India, specially in the Northern part of India .
The Maha Shivaratri is mentioned in several Puranasof Hindu Mythology. Different legends describe the significance of Maha Shivaratri. According to one legend in the Shaivism tradition, this is the night when Shiva performs the heavenly dance of creation, The chanting of hymns and the devotees joins this cosmic dance and remembers Shiva's presence everywhere. According to another legend, this is the night when Shiva and Parvati got married.
To celebrate both of the legends statement in many parts of North India Procession being organised on the day of Shivaratri where people dressed up as Lord Shiva & Kali and dance in Trance along with Devotees of lord Shiva decked up as Baraati during Shiv Barat (marriage procession of lord Shiva) on the occasion of Mahashivratri. Aghori’s also take part in the procession as Baraati with Skulls & skeleton which are being worshipped on the day .
Photos from the Procession of Shivji ki Baraat shows how people transform themselves into different mythological representation & aghoris seen walked on the street with Skulls during the Maha Shivaratri festival celebration at Uttaroradsh , India .