Avishek Das

The Faith of Life

14 April, 2015 | People & Documentry

This Photo Series is from the Famous Festival ” Charak” from the rural part of West Bengal, India. Charak Puja has its own special place in West Bengal, the state of festivals. It is a special folk festival, celebrated for bidding good-bye to the passing year. It is believed that the celebration leads to prosperity in the coming year, wiping out all the sufferings and pains of the current year.

The rituals of Charak Puja, a way to show the miracle of God, are unique and, at times, a little risky. People wants to show their faith to god & believe that by doing this self pain activity Lord Shiva will help them to overcome from their daily trouble full life!

My Target was to shoot these unique & painful moments and to represent their Culture.